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Guarantee &
after-sales service

En caso de que recibas un artículo dañado o incorrecto, o si tu producto se daña con uso normal, tenemos Garantía de Producción.

What products are provided with the warranty?

  • Products Purchased at Our Store

    We guarantee the highest quality of the products purchased at our store. Our sales managers keep record of all the orders you place. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you can turn to our warranty service and they will settle the issue.

  • Products with Available Paid Check

    When you pay for the product you have chosen at our store, you get the check. It’s an important document, so please save it until the end of guarantee period. Products with available paid checks will free you from headaches in case of warranty case.

  • Products with Not Damaged Original Packing

    All products bought at our store are delivered to you in the original packing. Please save it till the end of warranty period because if you decide to return the item for some reason, it should have the original packing that is not damaged in any way.

  • Not Damaged Products

    If the products are not damaged in some or other way, they are liable to warranty. So, please, try not to drop, submerge them into liquids, tear or disassemble them. Just turn to our warranty service managers for help and they will answer all your questions as to the return and repair policy.

  • Products that Were Not Repaired By Third Parties

    If the products you return to our store have not been repaired by the third parties, they are liable to warranty. Don’t go to the street corner repairing office that is close to your house. Talk to our warranty technicians first, they are here to help you with any problem you may face.

  • Products that Were Not Used Longer than their Warranty Period

    You have the right to return the product within 14 days since its receipt. Contact our service center via telephone, email or online chat. You will get all necessary instructions on how to deal with the issue. We promise to handle your claim quickly and make you happy with your bargain.

Where to apply for warranty service?

  • Service Center in Your City

    If our service center is available in your city, you may turn there for warranty repairing, refund or product replacement. Service manager will inspect the item you wish to repair/return or replace and do everything possible to settle your issue as quickly as possible.

  • Onsite/In-Home Service

    In some cases it is possible to invite a service manager right to your office, home or settle the issue right on site. Parts and labor repair where labor is provided onsite at your place of business or home are covered by us according to the warranty policy.

  • International Warranty Service (IWS)

    We render this kind of service specifically for customers who are travelling internationally and require a critical warranty repair. In such cases our free international warranty line operator will connect you to the service center available at your current location.

In what cases the warranty is not provided?

  • Damages from wear and tear

    Please note that our guarantee does not cover product damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear of the product you have purchased from our store.

  • Misuse or abuse

    If the product purchased at our store has visual traces of misuse or abuse, this case is also not covered by guarantee services. The store can render repairing services at your expense.

  • Not branded items

    This warranty does not apply to any items not branded by our company even if packaged or sold with our original products. Such kind of products may have the benefit of a manufacturer's warranty.

  • Expired warranty period

    The warranty begins on the date of purchase on the purchase receipt. In case the purchase receipt is not provided, the warranty period is considered to have started 6 months after the date of manufacturing on the product or as derived from the serial number of the product.

  • Unauthorized repairing services

    When the product is being repaired by unauthorized service organizations, engineers or technicians the buyer loses his/her right for free warranty service.

  • Expired consumables lifetime

    Each consumable has its own guaranteed lifetime. When the lifecycle of consumables are expired, the warranty becomes not valid; they should be changed at the buyer’s expense.

  • The usage of unauthorized spares or consumables

    When the product has failed due to the use of unauthorized spare parts or the consumables, the store doesn’t take any responsibility for the incident. Use only authorized spares if you want to keep your warranty valid.

  • Natural disaster

    Natural disaster is a force majeure the seller can’t prevent. So, when the product has failed from the natural disaster, the store is not obliged to refund or repair it.

  • Cleaning the product

    If the product failed during cleaning or removing the foreign material from its surface or inside of it, the store won’t render the buyer free warranty services as the failure happened from the buyer’s fault.

Change and Return

En caso de que recibas un artículo dañado o incorrecto, o si tu product se daña con uso normal, lo arreglaremos o cambiaremos sin costo extra, o te haremos un reembolso total una vez que recibamos el producto. 
Por favor notifícalo inmediatamente vía correo.

Todos nuestros productos incluyen automáticamente Garantía Limitada.

El Servicio de Garantía empieza automáticamente en la fecha de compra

La Garantía cubre: 

  • Daños o artículos rotos
  • Reparación o reemplazo de piedras de nacimeinto
  • Cadenas rotas, reemplazo de cadenas
  • Errores de Producción
  • No recibir el producto

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